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UNDP in South Africa

UNDP is the UN’s global development network whose focus is to help countries build and share solutions to the challenges of sustainable human development to reduce poverty and inequalities and render institutions more effective and accountable. The key focus of engagement are national priorities, national ownership and the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

The overarching goal of the strategic partnership between the Government of South Africa and UNDP is to advance South Africa’s strategic priorities to work for a thriving and more resilient South Africa. To achieve this, UNDP occupies itself with unlocking much needed technical assistance and finances required by the country. Linking the global agenda to national development priorities as outlined in the National Development Plan to ensure that all resources invested yield outcomes which translate to better lives for people.

UNDP’s work in South Africa is firmly anchored upon the UN’s Strategic Corporation Framework 2020 – 2025 and responds to the issues outlined on the National Development Plan. Our work is guided by the new Country Programme Document (CPD) (2020 -2025).

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The country programme seeks to contribute to South Africa’s social and economic transformational aspirations through support to policy innovations and movement from policy to implementation. It brings knowledge of global best practices to South Africa and helps to share South Africa’s best practices with the world.  To this end, anchored on evidence-based research and other knowledge products such as the Human Development Reports, UNDP engages the Government on development related and policies dialogues affecting the lives of the people.

The UNDP programmes in South Africa are centered around four key priority areas. Gender equality, rights and HIV are treated as cross-cutting issues mainstreamed across the four key priority areas.

Priority Area 1: Enhancing Inclusive growth and decent work – aims to support the South African Government to address the triple threat of poverty, unemployment and inequality

Priority Area 2: Climate Change and Greening South Africa’s Economy –aims to support the South African Government to grow its ecological footprint, elaborating its intent to contribute to a cleaner and greener global environment.

Priority Area 3: Strengthening Democratic Governance –  aims to assist the South African Government to reposition the public sector to enhance the quality of service delivery through innovation, with emphasis on services to historically disadvantaged communities.

Priority Area 4: Support to South Africa’s Regional and Global Engagement – aims to support South Africa’s role in regionally and globally to promote South-South cooperation and raising Africa’s voice on development issues in UN and other multilateral fora.

The Country Office staff are made up of different contractual modalities i.e. Fixed Term, Service Contract, Special Service Agreement and UN Volunteers.