Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux turns to politics: We’re going to rule this country soon

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Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini believes politicians are leading a witch-hunt to silence him as the leader of Operation Dudula.

Following his appearance in the Meadowlands Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, the filthy rich pilot by profession Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini said some politicians wanted to see him languishing in jail.

“Politicians go on a witch-hunt, digging [into] my cases. I have never been convicted before. I have never committed any crime. Politicians are digging into my past to find something wrong. I am happy that they won’t find something wrong. They can keep on digging. They are desperate to find a South African wrong and yet protect illegal foreigners doing wrong.

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“Illegal foreigners commit actual crimes. Simply because you are the voice of reason representing South Africans, you are a problem. The country has actual drug dealers that I can point out here opposite the Meadowlands Magistrate’s Court and the Meadowlands police station.”

Dlamini claimed police were investigating him instead of known drug dealers in the community.

“They can do all they want. I know that as a South African citizen and as South Africans, this country is ours, and people shall govern. Politicians have failed to govern, and people shall govern. The politicians will come and jump ship from their political things and come to the people because that’s where the power of the people is. When we are united, we will govern this country.”

Dlamini added that law enforcement officers were being used by politicians to target him. He said instead of politicians calling the youth to the table and listening to their views about the country, they punished them through arrest.


Dlamini claimed he was arrested after politicians intercepted plans by Operation Dudula to launch its Easter weekend operation at the country’s borders. He, however, didn’t mention which borders Operation Dudula was targeting, though it’s likely to be South Africa’s busiest boirder, the Beitbridge Border post.

“It is unfortunate that we are here (outside court) because our current operation was to go to the border during Easter. They wanted to find something that can keep me behind bars for the Easter duration so illegal foreigners who have made our borders a thoroughfare can do that with peace. Certain politicians and political parties are currently at the borders. The politicians are trying to make us look very bad. They want to justify their lies that we are corrupt, violent and vigilantes. They can continue with their narrative and lie about us.

“I am not demoralised. I am more motivated that people shall govern. That time will come. Operation Dudula is not me alone. We work as a collective. I am just a mouthpiece of the people.”

Dlamini claimed he handed himself over to the police after hearing rumours that there was a case against him.

He said his 2019 common assault case was an old matter that involved community members. On Wednesday, Dlamini was convicted and sentenced to a “caution and discharge” in the Meadowlands Magistrate’s Court after a warrant of arrest was issued against him on 30 September 2019.

He was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a tenant at his parental home in Meadowlands Zone 3.

Dlamini took the stand in court on Wednesday and claimed that his then lawyer deceived him by saying his case had been resolved.

“It is slightly inaccurate that I failed to appear in court. On that court date (30 September), I was present in court. My lawyer at the time said because it was a case involving the community and I was the only one identified, that case can be mediated. He later said the matter had been mediated, and I can go home. I was here with the community of Zone 3. They were here to support me. I followed my lawyer’s advice.

“I spent between three and four hours waiting to be called. It was a mistake. I have no intention to abscond. I apologise. I trusted my lawyer.”

Dlamini said the common assault case complainant currently lived four streets away from his parental home.

“Since I was told that an amicable solution was reached, the complainant in the matter continued interacting with me. Recently, we were together at a wedding.”

His current lawyer, Dumisani Mabunda, apologised on his behalf, claiming his client was ill-advised by his then-lawyer.

“We unconditionally apologise to the court. He was ill-advised by his attorney. It happened that he believed his lawyer at the time. He is currently out on bail of R1 500 on a different matter.

“The State didn’t oppose his bail last month. The issue of a warrant was never raised when he was arrested last month. We are surprised that we only knew now that there was a warrant. Since 2019, no police officer has come to his house saying there was a warrant against him.

“He has been staying at his home ever since. He conducted some of his operations at the Meadowlands SAPS and was never told that there is a warrant against him,” Mabunda said.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo said after Dlamini’s arrest last month, the provincial investigating unit profiled him and noticed that he was wanted for a Meadowlands assault common case for which he had failed to attend court.

Masondo said when the assault common case was registered, Dlamini was then known as Nhlanhla Moahlodi.

The warrant of arrest was then executed on 13 April.

Dlamini is expected back in the Meadowlands Magistrate’s Court on 3 May for the 2019 assault case.

He is also due back at the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court on 27 April for charges of housebreaking and malicious damage to property.

This related to an incident where Operation Dudula members allegedly ransacked the home of a Dobsonville resident after allegedly receiving a tip-off that drugs were being sold there.

He is currently out on R1 500 for that matter.

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