Nhlanhla Lux should be arrested over Elvis Nyathi’s death, no passport when visiting SA: EFF demands

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EFF Zimbabwe leader Innocent Ndibale, has called for the arrest and imprisonment of South Africa’s xenophobic Dudula leader Nhlanhla, for causing the death of a Zimbabwean, Elvis Nyathi, who was stoned and burnt to death 6 years after he left his home country to live and work in South Africa. The political party also called for the removal of borders around the entire African continent.

He announced this during his address to Bulawayo journalists, at the Bulawayo media Centre in Zimbabwe.

“We do not believe that what happened to Elvis Nyathi, reflect the image of South Africans. We strongly condemn the xenophobic attacks perpetrated on fellow Africans, by some rouge elements that are bending on destroying the good image of South Africans.

“Dudula attacks led by Nhlanhla Lux are highly criminal and the government of South Africa must take action, and arrest that gang without fail. We would like to make it clear that we are aiming to unite Africa.

“We would like to have an African continent without passports, where someone would just carry his or her bags to any African country, without hustles of being called a foreigner. South Africa is for all Africans, regardless of where they come from. We have long been preaching the word of a borderless Africa, as this is a colonial tool that was put in place to divide Africa.

“We stand by our Commander in Chief’s ideology on forming a one Africa, without borders and also the total removal of imperialistic borders that have and are still used as a weapon to divide African people,” said Ndibale who is EFF Zimbabwe’s president.

Ndibale also cleared the air on the position of EFF, as far as foreigners are concerned.

“All Africans are not foreigners in this continent. That is why as EFF, we don’t believe in colonial funding like other political organisations. This funding issue is the root cause of all these xenophobic attacks, because the imperialists will not rest until they destroy our continent.

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We now have representatives in 22 African states, signalling the birth of a united Africa. Let me assure you all that EFF, is the first organisation that will unite Africa, soon because our borderless continent is coming soon, and our Commander in Chief, Julius Malema, will be its first president,” added Ndibale.

The killing of people in South Africa is a criminal act that must be dealt with as an urgent matter, because Nhlanhla is a well-known criminal, who is on remand. South African government must act immediately without delay the arrest of this criminal.

His heinous acts of attacking innocent fellow Africans, is not the reflection of South Africans and beyond. We must not give room to evil doings, and retaliate as Africans against each other because of one irresponsible person,” said Ndibale.

EFF also called for the repossession of land from the imperialists, without compensation, as he said no African was compensated for the theft of their belongings during the colonial raids and removal of Africans from their home lands.

“Not even one African was compensated for their loss, when the imperialists, occupied our Africa. Why then would our leaders forced to compensate the repossession of our beloved land, from the imperialists, who never negotiated when they forced our forefathers out of their fertile lands,” Ndibale stressed.

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