Foreigners in trouble as Zimbabwean armed robbers shoot and kill 7 South Africans in Diepsloot

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A Building contractor, Willie, has been identified as one of the 7 South Africans who have been shot dead by suspected foreigners in Diepsloot.
His friend who has also shared the picture of Willie with our news team said the foreigners, believed to be Zimbabweans, stormed his house and stole some of his belongings.
While Willie was trying to find out why they were stealing from him, he was shot with a gun. Although the building contractor was rushed to the hospital, he reportedly bled to death and was pronounced dead upon arrival, Work In South Africa has learnt.
His friend said: “Foreigners killed the most useful&resourceful building contractor FRIEND I’ve ever met. Last night in Diepsloot! RIP Bra Willie! I’ll never forget you! We are under siege from heartless&cold blooded killlers masquerading as fellow brothers in our country!
“These savages broke into his home and he got back as they were leaving with his household items.When he tried to find out what was happening, they shot him.He bled to death at local clinic after they took long to attend to him!A very useful man! Sad week.
“Sometimes the evil things foreigners do in our country will make you loose faith in humanity. The callous murders,violent robberies and destruction of our properties and infrastructure makes me despise them bigtime. It’s emotionally too much&tiring💔IT HURTS!”

Meanwhile, a video footage has emerged online showing residents burning tyres and other rubble to block off a road and declaring war at foreigners based in Diepsloot.

The video shows multiple fires burning in a line along a street on Tuesday night. Residents are demanding more police units in the area as crime has been on a steady rise and they accuse foreign nationals of being behind crime.

SA Federation of Trade Unions general-secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has condemned the sprouting anti-foreign campaigns led by Operation Dudula calling them a scapegoat for capitalist crisis.

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“Dudula is scapegoating a capitalist crisis and a total neglect of the African working class all over the continent on the migrant workers! That’s why those that have betrayed the working class support it. It helps the ANC blame migration for the 12.4 million unemployment crisis.” Vavi said.

Research Analyst Shephard Dube says the anti-foreign operation should not target ordinary people but should put the blame on the African National Congress.

“Operation Dudula is a sad development but we can not blame locals for not liking black and brown foreign nationals. It’s their country consequently it’s their choice who they want in their country.” Dube said.

“However, up until South Africans remove the ANC government they can not and should not complain about Zimbabweans in South Africa. Successive ANC administrations from Thabo Mbeki to Cyril Ramaphosa have allied themselves to ZANU PF, a party that has caused many Zimbabweans to cross into South Africa.”

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